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MailChimp vs. Infusionsoft for email templates

By Deeksha Malik, 14 February 2018

In 2017, it was popular in marketing circles to ask the question: "Is email marketing dead?" This spurred many responses filled with facts and figures that proved email marketing is not dead. As a small business owner, you likely already know—at least instinctively—that email is an effective way to reach your audience in a more targeted and measurable way. The question now is: Which tool should you use? MailChimp and Infusionsoft both offer functionalities to support small businesses, including email templates to get you started. However, it may not be immediately clear to you which option would benefit your business more. (more…)

The benefits of AB testing: 5 Tools for eCommerce merchants

By Rhiân Davies, 5 February 2018

A: This article will show you how—for as little as seventeen dollars per month—you can drive thousands more customers on your eCommerce website to convert using AB testing. B: Don't know the benefits of AB testing yet? Read this article to discover five awesome AB testing apps that will help you ramp up conversions in your eCommerce store! Now, which of the sentences above appealed to you more? Which description of this article would make you more likely to click the link and read on (or rather, convert)? One of the benefits of AB testing is that it allows you to test multiple ideas out at once—maybe your product recommendations aren't bringing in as many customers as they once did, and you'd like to see what the result would be if you removed it completely. AB testing allows you to try variations of several areas of your site for a set amount of time, meaning that you don't need to overhaul your eCommerce store as a whole—the results will show you exactly what is, what isn't, and what could drive conversions. Want to know more about how AB testing can help your eCommerce store drive conversions? Stay with me as I go through five AB testing apps* below, including functionality and pricing information. *The apps selected in this piece have been selected based on the level of their AB testing functionality that is suitable for eCommerce stores. The tools listed also represent several pricing levels. Optimizely Optimizely is a dedicated optimization and experimentation platform that specializes in A/B and multivariate testing for websites. Optimizely is a great option for those who want to grow their eCommerce conversions, but lack skills in the coding department. To this end, users can create duplicate test pages as well as track customer clicks, time on page, and conversions. Sites that want to delve deeper can target their campaigns to track visitors from certain geographical locations, visitors who are using certain devices, or visitors who came to the site from an AdWords campaign. The customer profiling feature also allows you to collect customer data such as demographic and behavioral to inform your campaign efforts. Pricing: Optimizely offer a free trial, and a free 'starter' plan (the free starter plan will no longer be available after 28 February, 2018). Plans with customizable functionality start from $17 per month. Visual Website Optimizer Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is an AB testing and conversion optimization platform that boasts an easy to use interface and a heap of smart eCommerce integrations such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and many more. VWO is a great option for those who want to combine AB testing with other tests such as multivariate testing, split URL testing, and usability tests. Advanced testing options also include free trial lengths, delivery options, and promotions. VWO's 'idea-generation' tool also provides testing suggestions for users who are a little unsure as to how to get the ball rolling. Pricing: Prices start from $49 per month for testing up to 10,000 visitors, and a free trial is available. All plans include the following features: Integrated heatmaps and clickmaps Geotargeting and behavioral targeting Integrations with Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, comScore Ability to run AB, split URL and multivariate tests with revenue tracking. Convertize Convertize is a conversion optimization and AB testing tool that uses psychology-based persuasion tactics to drive conversions. Providing a checklist before tests go live, Convertize helps organize testing information for users by listing how many scenarios are being tested and how long they're expected to last. Convertize is a good option for those who want to AB test across multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet, and for those who want to go granular with their testing, with the ability to test languages, countries, times of day, and returning visitors. By analyzing conversion, event, and cross-domain tracking, Convertize is able to define what your website is missing to drive conversions. Pricing: A free plan is available for websites with up to 30,000 visitors per month. Other pricing plans include: The 'Starter' plan, which costs $29 per month for 50,000 visitors and 100 'Persuasion Tactics' The 'Team' and 'Enterprise' plans, which cost $79 and $219 per month respectively, and include 250 'Persuasion Tactics'. A fourteen day free trial is also available. Omniconvert Omniconvert is a website optimization tool which houses AB testing, surveys, and personalization experiments together under one system. Omniconvert's stack testing feature allows users to use a previous AB test as the 'control' for future tests, which accelerates the optimization process. Omniconvert has a particularly easy to use WYSIWYG editor for AB testing, test scheduling, and the ability to segment your traffic based on over forty criteria. Split testing also allows you to split your website's traffic between a control page and the variations you're testing. Pricing: Pricing is based on the number of views tested—Omniconvert offer a 'forever free' plan for websites testing 5,000 views or less. 10,000 tested views cost $59 per month, rising to $439 for 200,000 tested views. Freshmarketer Freshmarketer is a conversion rate optimization tool that assists with funnel analysis, which helps to determine which pages are experiencing a high bounce rate and therefore which pages to target with AB testing. Freshmarketer also uses heatmaps to pinpoint areas within pages that users are (and aren't!) engaging with, and their AB testing feature allows users to create multiple versions of pages within a visual editor, in order to identify which option provides more conversions. AB testing can also be performed through Freshmarketer's Google chrome app. Pricing: Freshmarketer offers an automatic thirty day free trial with access to its full feature set. Prices start at $44 per month for up to 20,000 visitors. Ready to start reaping the benefits of AB testing software? Check out our full catalog of eCommerce software that incorporates AB testing functionality, or Take a look at our catalog of AB testing software. 

5 CRM apps for Android that will help you close the deal

By Deeksha Malik, 2 February 2018

It's a fact: The people who are most critical to your business—your customers and your employees—spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Smartphones and mobile devices are especially crucial for sales staff who travel. Coming into the office to gather critical client data before every meeting is a major productivity killer. It makes more sense to let these key players work from wherever they happen to be with the most up-to-date information. (more…)

How to know when the time is right to upgrade your HR software

By Karen McCandless, 30 January 2018

You've already made an investment in cloud-based HR software and things are going smoothly: you're happy with the software vendor and their service, the product works well for you, your users are happy, and you've seen a return on investment (ROI). You don't want to switch to another HR solution, but you feel like you need more from the product. At this point you'll want to consider upgrading your HR software to a more expensive, but fully featured plan. Maybe you chose the most basic plan to suit your small business with limited resources, but you've since experienced rapid growth. In this article, we'll discuss how you know when the time is right to upgrade your HR software. HR resources are stretched In a small business, HR resources are limited and you might not even be able to afford a dedicated HR professional. As your company grows, you'll have to work out how to best structure your HR department and how many staff to employ. If you're struggling to manage your employees' HR needs, instead of hiring more staff, you can upgrade your HR software allows you to automate manual processes, and give employees access to the system so they can carry out task themselves. “If there are too many employees to manually manage, HR professionals can upgrade their plan to give their employees self service access to the system, allowing employees to book holidays and record expenses, etc," said Sat Sindhar, managing director of People HR software. Your budget increases It's normal when you're a startup or small business to spend the least amount of money possible on your HR software: you have a limited budget and you aren't sure if you'll need all the features included in more expensive software plans. As your business starts to grow and your employee count and profits increase, you'll realize that you can afford to spend more on your HR software. This could involve adding extra features, or even extra modules. Maybe you started out with a basic core HR software plan, but your software vendor also offers performance management, recruitment, employee engagement, or learning management functionality. Instead of forking out more for separate solutions, you can get it from your current provider. At GetApp, we expect forward-looking companies to overhaul the candidate experience in 2018, and you might need to upgrade your HR solution to keep up. “Some of the reasons HR professionals change from our starter plan, towards our elite package include the budget having increased along with company growth," says Sindhar. “A starter package is great for helping companies hit the ground running or get their offices back in order. If the budget increases HR professionals can invest more into strategic HR, or a better employee experience." It works out cheaper overall Your budget might not have increased, but you might instead find that the amount of time you are spending on the manual processes that aren't covered by your basic HR plan is costing you more than it would to upgrade your HR software. Cristian Rennella, VP of HR and co-founder of financial product comparison website, explains the process his company went through when deciding to upgrade their cloud-based HR software plan. He said: “At, we have a culture of saving and smart spending. However, after years of using the basic version of our HR software, we finally decided to change when manual labor was proving to be more expensive than upgrading the plan. “In our company we measured absolutely everything and for three years it was cheaper carrying out some parts of the work manually (especially with Excel spreadsheets). “It was not until a few months ago that this manual work generated a greater operational cost than it would cost to upgrade our SAAS plan. We believe that this is the right moment and the right indicator to make the decision to upgrade." HR wants to become more innovative to retain talent It's become somewhat of a cliche, but people are the lifeblood of any organization. If you want to attract and retain the highest quality of talent, you'll need to invest in your HR processes, people, and software. Sadly, this often isn't the case at many companies. If you are an HR professional, and you want to invest in your people and show them that you are appreciated so they stay loyal (and refer other high quality talent), then upgrading your HR software can help demonstrate to the powers that be the importance of treating your employees well, as well the importance of the HR department. As an HR professional, it can also free you up to do more engaging and interesting tasks that benefit your workers. “The job has become stale, higher management isn't taking them seriously and they want to engage in more strategic HR and produce more engaging reports," says Sindhar. “They opt for a plan with more functionality to allow them to further showcase their progress in HR." Have you decided to upgrade your HR software? If you've upgraded your HR software recently, we'd love to know what factors were behind that decision, and how it has affected the business (positively or negatively). Let us know the comments below, by emailing me on or by connecting with me on Twitter.

Is one of these 5 apps the right inventory management solution for you?

By Ankita Singh, 29 January 2018

Inventory management software is a must for any business that deals with physical goods. It helps you effectively track, store, and manage stock. Inventory management apps automate otherwise time-consuming tasks related to sourcing, ordering, transporting, and delivering goods. As your business grows and potentially expands to multiple locations, inventory management software can help you continue to meet demand—even as your volume of orders increases—with forecasting and automatic reordering features. (more…)

3 top-rated help desk and ticketing apps for customer service operators

By Deeksha Malik and Jaipal Singh, 27 January 2018

Every customer-focused organization would agree: It's a top priority to resolve customer issues quickly while ensuring the utmost satisfaction. But, that's not as simple as it sounds. As your business grows, tracking and responding to customer requests in a timely manner gets more complex; you must respond as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible without letting requests get backed up. (more…)

5 top-rated accounting software apps for independent contractors

By Abhishek Singh, 26 January 2018

As an independent contractor, you may hop from one employer to another, with contracts lasting just a few weeks or months. This means you don't enjoy the luxury of having the payroll department handle your tax withholdings. You're also on your own when it comes to expense tracking, invoice management, etc., and things can fall through the cracks if you're using paper and pencil or spreadsheets alone to manage your accounts. You may have considered hiring an accountant—but that can be expensive. Or, you can take control of your own financial records and automate your accounting tasks at the same time by using dedicated accounting software, which could be a less expensive option. (more…)

Top rated time and expense tracking apps for freelancers

By Karen McCandless, 25 January 2018

How long is your to-do list? It can seem endless when you're a freelancer buried under a mountain of tasks— going over briefs, interacting with clients, keeping your workspace organized, and that's not to mention the work itself. On top of all that, you also have to calculate what you will invoice clients by tracking your time spent on each project. This last part—time tracking— is where freelancers often run into trouble. It's a major barrier to invoicing and keeping track of earnings when you can't efficiently and accurately track time, and charge clients off the back of this. To help ease this issue, we've put together this list of the best time tracking apps for freelancers. These apps bring together tools to help you keep track of the no-fun bits, including tracking time, reporting on projects, and invoicing. Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp from time tracking expense software, here's an overview of the areas of the apps users like best, as well as those they feel could use improvement. Please note: The feedback given in each of the "Common user feedback trends" sections are the opinions of GetApp's reviewers, and do not represent the opinion of GetApp. Read more about our methodology at the bottom of this article. TSheets Tsheets allows you to track time on any device (including through Android and iPhone mobile apps, which is something other apps in this list don't have) and use this information to generate invoices and bill clients. The app allows you to generate reports using real-time data, and apply filters such as sort by date, payroll period, project(s), and job code. Common user feedback trends What do users like about TSheets? It's easy to create and read time sheets​. Businesses can directly import timesheet details of freelancers from their accounting system, and then use that data to generate their payroll. TSheets syncs with external accounting and payroll systems, with reporting and linking to Quickbooks being a highlight. Users commented that TSheets' service agents are helpful, understand their problems and then quickly offer quality support. What do Tsheets users think could be improved? Tsheets needs to provide better onboarding videos and webinars to help users get up to speed. Although the company provides good customer support, the initial training sessions are not up-to scratch, which means it take a while to learn. Reporting could be more detailed. Why should freelancers consider buying TSheets? TSheets is useful for freelancers, as it is free for single users and offers per user based subscription pricing for more than one user. Everhour Everhour provides time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and budgeting, capabilities. To track time, you just have to press start and stop, although you can also record time manually. The app includes the feature to generate invoices in a few clicks. Common user feedback trends What do users like about Everhour? With Everhour, freelancers can break projects into sections, subsections, and independent tasks, while capturing the time spent on each and every step. This gives a holistic view of the entire project time, and enables users to calculate billable and non-billable hours. Everhour integrates seamlessly with lots of project management and collaboration software, such as Asana, Trello and Basecamp, allowing users to track time directly from within these third-party applications. Most users liked its responsive interface with dynamic reporting capabilities that provides an enhanced user experience when it comes to day-to-day reporting of key metrics. Users reported that their customer support had a good response time and were able to easily solve problems issue solving capabilities. Users like Everhour's multi-platform time tracking capability, which allows them to track time spent on a task through third-party application plugins such as Asana and Trello, or via a browser extension. What do Everhour users think could be improved? Improve the setup of new users or projects, as the system takes some time to sync details with the back-end data. Add the option to add more customization to Excel reports and dynamically link the HTML reports to the ongoing activity. The addition of a mobile app. Cheaper plans for solo users (e.g. freelancers). Timer continues to run when the user switches off their computer but forgets to turn off the app. No rule-based timer management feature available yet. Additional integration with business applications like ERP and accounting. It offers dashboard for individual users to monitor their tasks, but lacks any project-level or team-level dashboard for end-to-end reporting. Why should freelancers consider buying Everhour? Everhour is available on a per-user-per-month subscription basis, making it a convenient option for solo users looking for a web-based project time tracking and invoicing solution. It includes a 14-day free trial. Timesheets not only allows you to record hourly time worked, as well as working out job costing, it also enables you to record and bill for mileage and expenses. It comes with customizable reporting, and the ability to export data in various different formats. Common user feedback trends What do users like about Timesheets? Useful for tracking working hours and generating accurate invoices from that information. Responsive customer service. Seamless integration with Quickbooks and other accounting solutions to gather payroll data and generate financial reports. Ability to track working hours in decimal hour, actual hour and minute format. What do Timesheets users think could be improved? Addition of a mobile app. Free plan for individual users. Learning curve is slow, especially when a user is not tech savvy. Timesheets needs to create better video tutorials and onboarding sessions for new users. Interface looks old and clunky and needs to be redesigned to look more modern. Why should freelancers consider buying Timesheets? Timesheets is free for single users, but freelancers who require customer support (phone, chat, and email) can purchase a Support Package for $99 per year. Timecamp With Timecamp, you can not only track time and bill clients, but you can also measure the profitability of working on certain projects. It also comes with features to help measure your productivity and work out where you are wasting time. Common user feedback trends What do users like about Timecamp? Timecamp users can keep track of hours worked across different projects, generate a summary report, and manage and report their billable hours from there, as well as export the report to Excel. The app's dashboard offers drill down capabilities to view specific details within a project. Users can build activity logs for a set period of time, and track time spent on all their work during that period. There are a lot of third-party integrations available via the API. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, which means you can get up and running quickly. What do Timecamp users think could be improved? Better tools to break-down projects into sub tasks, and then track time spent on each sub-task. Users are restricted to use the prebuilt invoice and reporting templates. It would be useful to have customizable templates that users can design them. Improve integration with third-party apps. The free version has limited features. Why should freelancers consider buying Timecamp? The basic version of Timecamp is free, which makes it suitable for solo users. Timecamp also offers a specific package for remote workers and contractors. Next steps These are just some of the top-rate time tracking and expense apps that are suitable for freelancers. For more help with choosing the right app for your growing freelance business, check out these resources : A full list of independent reviews of time tracking apps A side-by-side comparison of all the apps featured in this article. Methodology The solutions highlighted in this article are the time tracking apps that have the highest average overall user rating at the time of writing this article (January 2018). We evaluated the platforms based on approximately 3,791 reviews in the past calendar year on from GetApp, as well as our sister sites Software Advice, and Capterra. Below is the process we used We shortlisted those products that had 4+ out of five stars with a minimum of 20 user reviews. From that list, we only considered those apps that have a listing on GetApp. we considered only those which are listed on GetApp.​ The "common user feedback" sections include "what users like" and "user recommended improvements" for each product, based on feedback from users who left reviews. The "who should consider this software" section is a summary of analysis conducted on the general comments from software users. This section highlights the most popular features of the software product, and recommends who should consider buying that product and why. This post was first published on October 17 2014 and was updated in April 2016, then again in January 2018.

Solution Spotlight: Google’s most popular inspection software systems explained

By Deeksha Malik, 17 January 2018

In GetApp's Solution Spotlight series, we explain which software is at the top of Google's search engine results and how each can meet your specific needs. To identify the systems featured here, we entered the term "home inspection software" in Google the week of December 12, 2017 in an incognito window with the location set to the U.S. The first five solutions on the first page of Google's results are described here in alphabetical order. So, you've finally decided to go digital and dump the notepads you've been using to scribble down notes for your reports. You want a dedicated tool that will save you time through automation when preparing inspection reports, scheduling appointments with clients, and collecting payments. Naturally, you turn to Google to search for inspection software systems in the hopes of creating a shortlist of tools to compare. But you soon realize that the market is fairly niche, and it seems a small handful vendors own the industry. You spend hours switching between dozens of open tabs with user reviews and vendor websites trying to compare platforms, wishing there were a single source that summed everything up neatly. This article is the starting point you need to get a quick, yet detailed overview of the inspection software solutions that are most popular on the web. (more…)

7 project management and planning apps for Android

By Lauren Maffeo, 15 January 2018

More employees are bringing their mobile devices to work than ever before. So, it's inevitable that popular project management tools are developing and integrating an Android (or iPad and iPhone)-friendly version of their software. (more…)