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Free issue tracking software for a happier, more productive development team

By James Thornton, 25 May 2017

Whether you're developing software, managing IT support, or building web pages, keeping track on bugs and issues is the stuff nightmares are made of. By choosing a bug and issue tracking software to implement within your team, you can speed up both request handling and boost development times. In this article we'll look at some popular free issue tracking software solutions that allow you to keep track of bugs and errors submitted by users and ensure that the team is responding effectively to requests. We'll then take a look at a couple of free bug tracking tools that can automatically collect and store bugs as part of application monitoring process. Free issue tracking software solutions The following three apps all offer free solutions for issue tracking. They allow you to manage development teams working on bugs and issues in a project management-style environment. Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management solution for developers. It allows all members of a team to get a real-time view of the status of each project and what needs to be done next. The software's agile, iterative workflow and story management supports full text search and supports more powerful, structured queries, too. Pivotal Tracker includes built-in charts, including release burn-down, iteration burn-up, story type breakdown, and historical velocity. Pivotal Tracker has a minimal set of important bug tracking features, such as assignees, task states, and subtasks. For expanded bug tracking functionality, Pivotal Tracker has integrations with tools such as Bugzilla, BugHerd, and Bugsnag. What do you get for free? Pivotal Tracker is free for teams of up-to three people. You're restricted to 2GB of storage and two projects with the free plan. What other pricing plans are available? Moving up from the basic version, there are several pricing plans available for Pivotal Tracker, bucketed into three main plans: 'Startup', 'Pro', and 'Enterprise'. The Startup plan begins at $12.50 per month for five collaborators, five private projects, and 5GB of storage. As you move up the pricing scale you unlock more collaborators, projects, and storage, as well as added extras such as unlimited viewers and priority support. What are users saying? “I like that you can "start" a bug task, and easily tag people," one reviewer writes. “Also the notifications are very helpful so I can instantly see when my attention is needed on a particular story. I also enjoy being able to look at my projects one by one, so I can focus on completing one project at a time." Average GetApp user rating: 4.54/5 Yodiz Yodiz is billed as a “simple yet comprehensive" agile scrum tool and issue tracker, designed to help you manage agile projects of all levels of complexity. It features a colorful kanban-style issue board with moveable issue cards designed to make things as visual as possible. The issue tracker in Yodiz supports MoScoW prioritization and has several severity options. Other features of the issue tracking tool include the ability to associate issues to other items, issue exporting, and a complete history log. Yodiz integrates with a number of different development platforms, communication tools, and browsers. For example, you can link it up to GitHub so that whenever code is committed the status is updated in Yodiz; sync with bugs or tasks created in Freshdesk; and view your activity feed from Yodiz in Slack. What do you get for free? Yodiz has a “free forever" plan for up-to three users. This plan includes cloud hosting, unlimited projects, all product features, as well as access to all the Yodiz mobile apps and browser extensions. What other pricing plans are available? Outside of the free, 'Starters' package, Yodiz's pricing plans come in 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' flavors. For $5 per user per month for the Professional plan you get a dedicated account manager and two-months free if you take the yearly payment option. The Enterprise plan costs $20 per user per month and unlocks premium support, enterprise network hosting, and more. What are users saying? “I have used Yodiz for tracking sprint, issues, releases, and overall project progress. I found it appealing for the reason, that it supports all agile processes and gives Quick ways to do daily tedious tasks," says one reviewer. Average GetApp user rating: 5/5 (based on four reviews) GitHub Issues GutHub is a platform for developers to store and share code, store version control information, and access tools for project management, code review, and integration. Among the handy utilities in its arsenal is the GitHub Issues feature, which has its own section in every repository. GitHub's issue tracking section is designed with collaboration in mind. The interface consists of a title and description of each issue, color-coded labels to help you categorize issues, milestones that act as containers for issues, and the ability to create assignees for each issue. There's a comments feature so that anyone with access to the repository can offer their feedback. One handy feature of GitHub Issues is the ability to use @mentions to notify teams and other GitHub users and cross-connect issues. The idea being that you can make sure the right people are kept in the loop to help resolve issues. What do you get for free? GitHub is free for public and open source projects. If you want unlimited private repositories then you'll need to take up a paid plan. What other pricing plans are available? GitHub has three main pricing bundles, allow of which include unlimited public and private repositories. The 'Developer' plan costs $7 per month for a personal account with unlimited collaborators (it's free for students as part of GitHub's Student Developer Pack). The 'Team' plan costs $9 per user per month for an organizational account with team and user permissions. Move on up to the 'Enterprise' plan ($21 per user per month) and you'll get all sorts of other features such as round-the-clock support, access provisioning and a variety of hosting options. What are users saying? “Github has been adding great things on top of plain old pull requests and diffs," says one reviewer. “The issue tracking and gist features work wonders for making a smooth workflow." Average GetApp user rating: 4.72/5 (based on 124 reviews) Free bug tracking software The following tools are aimed at software developers who are looking for a way to better manage bugs within applications they are developing. This type of bug tracking software can help your teams detect and respond to bugs within code quickly and efficiently. Rollbar Rollbar is a full-stack bug and issue tracking and monitoring solution designed for everyone from freelancers to large enterprises. The software allows you to detect, diagnose and debug errors, with analytics and insights to help you assess problem areas. The solution is able to automatically group application issues, and allows you to apply custom grouping roles to help you reduce clutter. Rollbar features support for email notifications and alerts to notify users in real time of updates to reported issues. You can also setup notifications for regressions, where a “resolved" issue returns. Rollbar allows you to monitor particular users who are experiencing a certain error and reach out to them directly. Rollbar query language offers a robust querying interface, and has an API to help integrate with other systems. What do you get for free? Rollbar offers a free plan for personal projects and prototypes. It allows you 5,000 rollbar events per month, and is restricted to 30 days of data retention. What other pricing plans are available? Outside of the free plan, Rollbar offers five different payment plans, ranging from 'Bootstrap', which costs $49 per month for 100,000 events per month and 180 days of data retention, to its 'Enterprise' package which delivers highest volume, enterprise-level security, service level agreements, and more. What are users saying? “We use Rollbar free to debug our product errors. It is pretty easy to use and offers all the functionality we need to fix our production exceptions," says one reviewer. “The design is not always the greatest (you can see a Bootstrap template) but it does the job!" Average GetApp user rating: 4.83/5 Zoho BugTracker Zoho BugTracker is designed to help your team better manage bugs and issues. The solution allows you to create simple, effective workflows to monitor bugs, set priorities, and trigger alerts. The app allows you to track bugs based on severity, status, and user, with bug reports available to help you analyze issues. You can apply business rules to automatically trigger actions for bug events, choosing which events send email notifications to their assignees, reporters and other users. Zoho BugTracker allows you to create custom views, organize and manage files, and integrate with repositories such as GitHub and Bitbucket. What do you get for free? The free plan for Zoho BugTracker allows you one project and 10MB of storage. It includes issue tracking, bug importing, and user management features, but you'll need to start paying to unlock more features. What other pricing plans are available? There are three paid plans available for Zoho BugTracker. 'Express' costs $25 per month for up-to 20 projects and 10GB storage. You also get custom views, notifications, and the ability to add bugs through email - none of which are available in the free plan. Step up to the $50 per month 'Premium' plan and you can manage up-to 50 projects wth 100GB of storage space. Extra features included in this package that aren't in Express include GitHub integration, timesheet approval, and a web to bug form feature. Finally, there's the 'Enterprise' package which is priced at $80 per month for unlimited projects, 100GB of storage, and things like custom fields, custom email templates, and service level agreements. What are users saying? “This add in has assisted us greatly with the communication between our support staff and our development staff," says one GetApp reviewer. “The built-in features, like bug severity, reproducibility, etc are all items we were missing prior to finding this solution". Average GetApp user rating: 4.67/5 (based on three reviews) Next steps Check out more bug and issue tracking software, including free and paid options. Read independent user reviews of the top bug and issue tracking applications on GetApp. Compare some of the top apps with issue tracking features, such as JIRA, Planio, and SpiraTest.

Pump it up with these 5 apps for personal trainers

By Suzie Blaszkiewicz, 24 May 2017

If you're a personal trainer with a slew of clients under your weight-lifting belt, you're probably starting to feel the pressure of keeping those clients organized. From workout plans to payments, meal tracking to making schedules, balancing your tasks can soon feel heavier than your 250 lb bench presses. If you're a personal trainer feeling weighed down by your paperwork, a personal trainer app might be just the boost that you need in order to fuel your burgeoning personal training empire. What does a personal trainer app do? Personal trainer apps can help independent or gym-based trainers manage their client rosters in every aspect of the training process that doesn't involve the gym floor. They're made to help with the logistical side of a personal trainer's job, with functions that include: Scheduling clients to avoid conflicts Tracking client progress to give tailored recommendations Nutritional and exercise templates Mobile apps where clients can access workouts and progress reports A payment portal where clients can pay for their sessions The idea is to streamline processes so that both the personal trainer and the client benefit from tailored programs, improved communication, and better results. What are the best personal trainer apps on the market? Based on functionality and user reviews, I've put together some of the 5 of the best personal trainer apps. PTminder PTminder is the top reviewed personal trainer app by users. It comes with scheduling, client management, workout, and meal plan features for both independent and gym-based trainers. It's streamlined interface is accessible both on the web and through its iOS and Android apps. With its mobile apps: Clients can book themselves into classes and get automated text reminders notifying them of their training session or upcoming classes. Trainers can set up packages and sessions for clients to sign up to. Clients can make payments for their training sessions via credit card or direct debit. According to one reviewer: “I have a small or business and also run fitness classes from home. I also work in a large gym part time contracting. Pt minder has more features than the software we use at the gym. It has taken my business to a whole new level and ease of use is fantastic. When I'm out doing fitness classes in the community I can access my database through my phone and do things immediately. The finance software is an added bonus. All in all its worth it's weight in gold!" Pricing: The Free plan is good for new trainers, with access for 1 trainer and 2 clients and all the features available in every pricing plan. The next price point is $39 a month for unlimited clients and multiple trainers, with an additional $10 per month per trainer. The enterprise plan, which runs at $75 a month, allows for custom branding. Trainerize Trainerize is another popular app for personal trainers among reviewers. Tailor-made for online personal training, the app offers a ton of features from client engagement to client management, and even business growth in the online training space. Client engagement includes setting up training plans and having a messaging system between trainer and client. Client management lets you monitor client activity and client files, as well as attach images as progress reports. Business growth includes payment options via Shopify, PayPal, or Stripe, as well as marketing materials available that include linking social media profiles, video materials, and custom branding. If you're part of a gym that's already using other software, you can integrate Trainerize with apps including MINDBODY, MailChimp, and Zapier. Says one reviewer: “I have been using Trainerize for nearly 3 years and would highly recommend it to any fitness professional. Building workout programs is simple and makes running the business much easier, while at the same time giving me the edge to not only expand but deliver personalized programs and RESULTS for my clients. It has been the driving force behind my online product and puts me head and shoulders above other personal trainers in my area[…]" Pricing: The Free plan gives an unlimited amount of trainers for 1 client, with access to online workouts and its mobile apps. The Pro plan costs $18 a month for up to 15 clients and includes a custom branded website, while the Studio plan is $54 a month for up to 200 clients and access to a custom branded mobile app. My PT Hub My PT Hub is another top choice app for personal trainers to help them stay organized while keeping their clients in check. From inputting client data, choosing tailored workout and nutritional plans, getting users set up with mobile apps, and tracking client progress with visual charts and photos, My PT Hub takes trainers through the entire client management process. Scheduling features help to create workout plans, schedule appointments, and assign clients their workouts and meals. Create training packages and accept one-off or recurring payments, as well as collecting and storing billing and invoicing receipts. Create your own unique app logo to brand your personal trainer business or use your gym's branding. If you think you might have trouble setting yourself up with personal trainer software, many users have noted My PT Hub as offering great customer service. One reviewer says: “I signed up to My PT Hub just over 2 months ago and I can honestly say it's awesome. It has really helped me step up my business, but more importantly I have now managed to add another 15 online clients. I had one question for their support team and within minutes, my questions was answered via their online chat." Pricing: The Free plan is good for 2 clients, 10 workout and nutrition plans, a free custom URL, and free client monitoring. The Unlimited plan is $10 for unlimited clients, workouts, and is fully featured. PT Distinction PT Distinction is a personal trainer app that's ideal for online coaching. With branded apps for Android and iOS, integration with your website and email, as well as training videos, meal plans, and scheduling, PT Distinction helps trainers stay organized and grown their own branded business. Create groups for training programs, sessions, or questionnaires and send things out to multiple clients at once. Create a membership site from your website to grow your business through email marketing and payment portals, as well as marketing training from industry experts. Use custom forms to store customer data including medical analysis and consent forms, as well as client progress charts and reports. One reviewer notes: “I use this software to offer a higher priced package to my Bootcamp clients and for my purely online clients. The groups feature combined with the fact that I can add extra coaching via email, video PDF or text makes it stand out massively for my needs. On top of that the fact that it can be completely customised and branded with my stuff is very important. I also really love the exercise videos and the fact that I can add my own without the need for YouTube and the distractions that brings for my clients! When needed the customer service has always been very fast and helpful." Pricing: PT Distinction starts at $19.90 per month for 3 clients, with additional clients free for the first month and then $6 each. The Pro plan is $60 a month for 25 clients, and additional clients for $6, while the Master plan will cost you $80 for 50 clients and $1.60 per client per month after that. All plans come with same day email support. Total Coaching Total Coaching is a web-based personal trainer solution for trainers, nutritionists, and teachers. It allows trainers to create workout plans, meal plans, and communicate with their clients on the progress of their program via instant message, which is accessible through an iOS and Android app. It includes a catalog of 3D-animated exercises, as well as a database with over 25,000 foods for clients to be able to track calories. You can track client progress, or your own business' performance, with custom graphs. If you're a trainer at the gym, you can brand the app with your gym's own branding. Says one reviewer: “I love this software because it saves me so much time when creating programs for my clients. It's easy to view how each client is doing each week, their comments, and if they need any changes. I always get rapid replies from the developer to any software issues. The app is easy to use." Pricing: Starts at $49 a month for up to 21 clients and 3 trainers. Additional clients are $3 each. Still looking for apps for personal trainers? Take a look at this checklist to make sure that you're looking for the right set of features Check out our category page for other Personal Trainer software options.

Working together shouldn’t be expensive: 5 of the top free collaboration software

By Matt Mullarkey-Toner, 24 May 2017

Collaboration software is difficult to define, especially in an age where many solutions aim to be “all-in-one". However, I'm not going to get bogged down in semantics and instead I'm going to keep it simple and define it as software that literally helps you collaborate. But don't worry, we'll cover a few different types of software so that ideally you can cover a lot of your software needs on a budget. The apps below were chosen based on popularity and the free plans that they offer. (more…)

5 iPhone and iPad Project Management Apps to help you get things done faster

By Abhishek Singh, 24 May 2017

The App Store is home to many project management apps that can help you get stuff done quicker and more easily. Project management apps for iOS can be used on any Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, and are generally tied to a subscription to a SaaS software. You can view latest project updates while commuting to the office, at home, or while collaborating with customers on site. But which apps are right for your business? How are the subscriptions priced? And what features do they offer? Here is a list of top five project management iOS apps that will help you manage projects effectively on your iPhone or iPad: Wrike Wrike for iOS helps you to manage and assign project management tasks on your iPhone or iPad. Wrike for iOS is a user-friendly app that helps you plan projects and collaborate with your team. The app has an intuitive user interface that helps you easily identify pending project tasks that need to be assigned to your peers. Creating, assigning, and scheduling tasks is a breeze with Wrike. The app lets you communicate with your team members while you're on the go. Wrike for iOS helps you view project management tasks through Gantt charts that let you adjust project timelines. You can also attach files and images with project tasks from your iOS device. You can check your to-do list for the projects that are assigned to you while commuting to the office. The app features push notifications that help you stay up-to date on projects by receiving alerts of updates. Wrike for iOS can be installed on iOS 9.0 or later versions and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pricing: From $9.80 per month for up-to 15 users Free Trial Period: 14 days Workfront Workfront for iOS is an intuitive project management app that lets you view tasks assigned in your team. Workfront caters for all types of functions that require collaboration and status updates for project management, including marketing and sales. Whether you are in a meeting, commuting, or at home, Workfront lets you manage your projects on your iOS device. The Workfront app lets you update and view all tasks assigned to you. You can also create and assign new tasks to team members. Once tasks are assigned, you can approve and review them while viewing and editing project documents. Workfront lets you collaborate with your team members on project assignments. You can also edit and review project parameters such as time, billing, and which team members are assigned to a project. Workfront app for iOS can be installed on iOS 9.0 or later versions, and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: Available on request Clarizen Clarizen for iOS lets you access and share important project updates and file attachments with your team members. The app allows you to assign project tasks and create new projects through a simple user interface. Clarizen is one of the leading enterprise collaboration apps that helps teams work on project tasks together. The application allows team members to communicate on project management tasks to enhance productivity. The app also lets you track project timelines and manage expenses. Managing receipts and payments is a breeze with Clarizen as you can attach receipts along with the expense report with the help of your iPhone camera. Clarizen for iOS can be installed on iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with all iOS devices that include iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: 30 days Freshdesk Freshdesk helps you achieve exceptional client support by managing customer queries more effectively. Freshdesk for iOS is like a mini helpdesk in your pocket that helps you troubleshoot customer queries from your iOS device. In just a few taps, the Freshdesk app helps you assign requests, sort them based on priority, and send them to your customers. The app keeps you updated on the latest customer tickets through push notifications. Freshdesk for iOS features a user-friendly interface that lets you manage your projects effortlessly, helping you to managing tickets, monitoring customer calls, and Twitter streams. Besides its project management functions, Freshdesk boasts a customer management feature that lets yuou manage your customer's address, phone numbers, tickets, and more. Freshdesk can be installed on iOS version 8.0 or higher and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pricing: From $19 per month Free Trial Period: 30 days NetSuite OpenAir NetSuite OpenAir for iOS allows you to manage your timesheets and expense reports even when you are traveling or attending a meeting. Just like the SaaS version of NetSuite OpenAir, the iOS version provides you a handy way to manage your projects with full integration with the online version. NetSuite OpenAir for iPhone features an intuitive calendar interface that helps you track and manage your time. The app also lets you access NetSuite OpenAir timesheets and expense reports via your iPhone or iPad. NetSuite OpenAir synchronize latest customer, project, and task data with your NetSuite OpenAir account to ensure that you're up-to-date. NetSuite OpenAir helps you save time in managing projects, allowing you to enter time, expense, and project details while you're on the move. You can also capture images of receipts through your iPhone camera and submit them for approval. NetSuite OpenAir for iPhone can be installed on iOS version 6.0 or higher and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: Available on request

5 Killer Android project management apps to make your work life easier

By Abhishek Singh, 24 May 2017

Managing your projects from the palm of your hand with your Android device is now a breeze. There are numerous Android project management apps that help you collaborate with peers, view project status, create project dashboards, assign tasks, and much more. This article provides an overview of the top five project management apps, giving you the lowdown on their price and features. Discover how these apps can help you get stuff done on time at work: Wrike Wrike's Android app is designed to help you easily manage and assign tasks related to projects on your phone or tablet. The Wrike Android app is a powerful tool to help you plan projects and collaborate with your team. The app has an intuitive user interface that helps you to easily identify pending tasks and assign them to your peers. Creating, assigning and scheduling tasks is a breeze. The app lets you communicate with your team members while you are on the go. Wrike app features Gantt charts that lets you adjust project timelines. You can also attach files and images with project tasks from your Android device and save these files on Google Drive or Dropbox. While commuting to office, you can check your to-do list for the projects that are assigned to you. The app feature push notification that lets you stay up to date on project updates from your team. Pricing: From $9.80 per month for up-to 15 users Free Trial Period: 14 days Workfront Workfront is a hassle-free project management app that lets you view the latest project management tasks assigned to you on your Android device. Whether you are in marketing or sales, Workfront caters to all types of functions that require collaboration and status updates for project management. Workfront app is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to assign tasks to team members and serve notifications and status updates. Whether you are in a meeting, traveling, or at home, Workfront lets you manage your projects on the go. The app lets you update and view all tasks assigned to you. You can also create and assign new tasks to team members. Once tasks are assigned you can approve and review tasks while viewing and editing project documents. Workfront lets you collaborate with your team members on project assignments. You can also edit and review project parameters such as time, billing, and the number of team members assigned to a project. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: Available on request Freshdesk Freshdesk's app for Android offers a user-friendly interface. To make your customers happy, the app helps you organize your projects effortlessly, allowing you to manage tickets and monitor customer calls and Twitter streams from your Android device. You also receive notifications related to customer tickets, project status, and completed customer calls. While on the go, you can edit reports, respond to customer queries through emails, and take project notes. Freshdesk makes for an ideal project management app to integrate with your CRM thanks to its customer management features. You can you can manage your customer's address, phone numbers, tickets, and more. Pricing: From $19 per month Free Trial Period: 30 days NetSuite OpenAir NetSuite OpenAir's Android app helps you manage timesheets and expenses effortlessly. The app is a part of the broader suite of software that NetSuite offers through its SaaS version. NetSuite OpenAir helps professional services firms to manage projects, timesheets, expenses, and resources. Apart from OpenAir, NetSuite offers a wide array of products related to ERP, CRM, expense, and eCommerce management. These dedicated options are available in other NetSuite versions such as NetSuite SRP and more. NetSuite OpenAir helps you save time in managing projects. All you have to do is enter time, expenses, project details while while you are commuting or completing work at a customer site. The OpenAir app features an intuitive calendar interface for time tracking, and allows you to manage expense receipts by capturing images of receipts through your smartphone camera and submitting them for approval. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: Available on request Clarizen Clarizen is one of the leading enterprise collaboration apps that helps you organize teams on different projects. Clarizen offers multiple ways for team members to communicate and collaborate on projects and enhance productivity. The Android app includes many of the features of the web version of the software. You can use Clarizen from your device to view and share important project updates and file attachments with team members. The app lets you assign project tasks and create new projects through a user-friendly interface. Clarizen lets you track project timelines and monitor your expenses. Managing receipts and payments is a breeze with Clarizen as you can attach receipts along with the expense report with the help of you Android device camera. Pricing: Available on request Free Trial Period: 30 days

Trello Time Tracking Tools to Turbo-Charge Your Productivity

By Rhian Davies, 18 May 2017

In a previous job of mine, the daily reminders from managers to input our work hours into our incredibly convoluted and clunky timesheet was always met with an audible scramble to our computers. We periodically forgot to update our timesheets because of their inaccessible nature, and we joked that we needed to input how much time we spent actually using the timesheets. We viewed timesheets as a necessary evil that was just another extra task, but that's because we didn't have an established time tracking process for project management. It would have been invaluable if we had access to previous time tracking data to support an estimated project length or to hold other departments accountable for missed completion dates. Trello is one of the most popular project collaboration tools on the market, which also integrates with a myriad of time tracking apps to help: Evaluate how much time is spent on individual tasks Track levels of productivity Reassign resources to projects and tasks based on completion time Estimate project completion times and profitability Generate reports and invoices. To help you decide which app might fit your particular use of Trello best, we've searched through our user reviews for the best Trello and time tracking app integrations. Trello time tracking apps Everhour Everhour is a time tracking and estimation app that allows users to see task completion estimations, logged time, and overtime within Trello cards. The integration has specific functionality for generating comprehensive reports of a whole team's task activity, selecting a desired date range, and building these detailed reports with multiple data points. Key features of Everhour: Calendar management Project time estimation Workflow management Budget management Data synchronization. One reviewer comments on Everhour's efficiency: I like that Everhour is straightforward and functional. I also love that it integrates with Trello, which is how we manage the majority of our work. The reason that I originally chose to go with Everhour over the competition is that these folks chose to do one thing and to do it well. Other companies wanted to also handle invoicing, project management, and other things. I already had tools for those things; what I needed was an easy and enjoyable to use time tracking solution that I knew would work. Everhour has consistently impressed me with how well their product works and how fast they innovate and improve. Another reviewer says: Great team behind the software who is always happy to help. Easy time sheeting and reporting. Excellent compatibility with Trello. Toggl Toggl is a single-click time tracking app that integrates with Trello through the Chrome web-browser. Toggl's integration with Trello is made extremely simple with 'start timer' buttons located within each Trello card, while it extracts descriptions of each card to use as the description of the time you're tracking. Key features of Toggl: Project archiving Offline mode Google Chrome extension View of billable and nonbillable hours Segmentation features such as clients, projects, and tags. One reviewer comments on the integration's suitability for their smaller team: I'm very satisfied even with [the] free plan. It is fully functional for small teams with multiple clients and projects. Perfect integration with Trello through Toggl Button chrome extension. TimeCamp TimeCamp is an automatic time tracking solution that also offers budget management functionality. Once both accounts are connected, you can choose the boards and cards that you'd like to import into TimeCamp, allowing you to time each individual task, and even estimate the profitability of each project. Key features of TimeCamp: Mobile time tracking Invoice management Productivity reporting Activity dashboard Goal management. Of the Trello and TimeCamp integration, one reviewer comments on how perfectly they sync together: I use trello + timecamp to track how much time I spend on things as well as to have a nice view of what I have accomplished during the week so I can feel happy (or sad) and adjust my time to be productive according to my own standard. TimeCamp has all I need to track my activities and Trello has all I need to keep my tasks organized and documented, perfect match made in software heaven. Another reviewer says: I use trello for all of my projects, and time camp lets me track each card. It is so useful that I keep coming back again and again. Harvest The Harvest time tracking app allows users to link timesheets to Trello cards, see exactly how much time is spent on each card, and generate reports and invoices. Task completion estimates can also be synced with individual projects, and billable hours can be extracted for easy time tracking and project management synchronization. Key features of Harvest: Reporting tools Multi-device functionality Timesheet management Expense tracking Invoice management. Katy Rice, an Inbound Marketing Strategist shares her thoughts on the Harvest and Trello integration: I love that I can integrate my Harvest account and Trello. That way I don't have to have as many different tabs open at one time. I also like that it is easy to make any edit you might need to. I love the timer and how easy it is to keep an eye on project budgets! If you're looking for more options, you can check out a further list of Trello time tracking apps.

Top sales content management software to engage customers and drive revenue

By Karen McCandless, 18 May 2017

Content marketing is in really bad shape. This is not just a problem for those of us who actually care about writing, but for the company as a whole. Content marketing is crucial in supporting the sales of any organization. More than half of B2B buyers rely on content to research their buying decisions, according to a recent report. It's not only imperative that marketers up their game in content creation - after all lead generation and sales are supposed to be the top priority for B2B content marketers - but that sales have a platform to support content distribution that will help engage buyers. This platform needs to encompass not just the type of content that marketers produce, but also all their emails, spreadsheets, notes, reports, pitches, etc. This platform is sales content management software. Uses of content management for sales teams Research organization Gartner identified the following use cases where sales content management software can help (available to Gartner clients only): Customer-facing selling: Sales content is used to educate prospects or to evoke a purchase decision Internal knowledge transfer: Sales content is used to convey new product information to representatives; also includes formal sales training and coaching functionality Sales representative onboarding: Content is used to educate employees about the process, products and competitors Partner relationship management and sales channel selling Sales development representative processes. This functionality can come from a standalone solution, or as part of a sales management/enablement offering. There may also be crossover with other types of software, such as learning management systems (LMS). How to choose sales content management software Sales teams work differently across industries, company sizes, and whether it's a B2B or B2C business. Your company should be generating and promoting content that reflects your buyers' interests. A report from research organization Blue Nile found that both consumers and B2B buyers highly value data and stats; consumers are far more interested in blog posts than B2B buyers, whilst B2B buyers prefer video content. In the report mentioned above, Gartner provides recommendations for the type of sales content management software you should go for depending on the type of content you plan to produce and its purpose. It says: “Sales organizations with moderate to high volumes of electronic content (for example, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and collateral based on PDF files or Microsoft Word documents) should consider basic sales content management systems to improve the oversight of collateral. Sales organizations that rely on complex, time-sensitive and precise information to advance sales cycles should pursue sales content management solutions to increase sales effectiveness (such as improving project-based or complex solution selling practices)." It also defines capabilities that you should look for in any digital content management solution: Content repository management for storing and distributing information Content development Content delivery Usage analytics Sales process integration Top apps We've compiled a list of leading solutions that can help sales team take advantage of the large body of content any organization creates. The sales content management software we list below is suitable for small to midsized businesses, but we also provide recommendations for enterprises at the end of the article. Brainshark Brainshark taps into the content authoring, sharing/delivery, and analytics side of the sales process. Its main features are: A content repository to keep all information in one place Content authoring features to turn existing content into sales-ready material An HTML5 editor to optimize content on all devices Ability to monitor clicks to track audience engagement Share content via web links, social media, YouTube, and by embedding in your website Actionable analytics. Brainshark also partners with fellow sales content management solutions Seismic and Highspot to provide end-to-end capabilities around digital content management. Integrations: Salesforce, Outlook, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Tableau Pricing: Available on request but typically the basic solution starts at $9 per user per month Highspot Highspot is a newer entrant in the market, having only introduced its sales content management solution in 2014. As part of its sales enablement platform, Highspot makes content easy to search for and filter, as well as optimize and share. This content includes pitches. One interesting feature of Highspot is its machine learning capabilities, which recommend the best content for sharing based on previous interactions by both you and your coworkers. Highspot also includes analytics to track success. Integrations: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, OneDrive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Jive, Alfresco Pricing: Available on request but typically starts at $35 per user per month KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree offers features at the content creation level, as well as the sharing and analysis stages. It allows content to be linked to projects and provides goals and milestones to enable faster content creation. It also adds in a stage for review, so no content goes out or is used unless it has been approved. Other features include: The ability to predict which piece of content will work best for a use case Match content with the status of a sale Proactively provide content to sales teams Connect email templates with content Integrations: Salesforce, Marketo, Box, Dropbox, Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint Pricing: Available on request but typically starts at $45 per user per month Seismic Seismic's sales enablement and digital content solution is used mostly by small and mid-market businesses. Its features include: A NewsCenter that can find the latest industry and product information for sales to use The ability to make changes to one piece of collateral in a suite and have it update automatically across all of the material A live feed of which content has been added and updated Access to content from within email (Outlook) or CRM (Salesforce) Instant feedback into which content is performing well Integrations: Outlook, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box Pricing: Available on request but typically starts at $32 per month Showpad Showpad's unique selling point is its visual features, such as a dynamic mind map, which help guides salespeople to the right content. The more the process is used, the smarter and more accurate it becomes. Other features include: Version control Analytics Brandable portal Presentation templates based on customer use cases Integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Gmail, Outlook, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive Pricing: Starts at $35 per month, with two pre-built packages available Scaling your business These are not the only credible sales content management solutions on the market, but they are the ones best suited for small and mid-sized businesses. If your budget stretches further and you'd like to investigate software targeted at enterprises, then here are some industry leaders to check out: Accent - includes machine learning and predictive analytics to mainly large enterprises in the financial services industry, but has recently diversified into other sectors Bigtincan - an AI powered sales platform that aims to recommend content throughout all funnel stages Savo - one of the largest sales enablement and content management software providers, which typically targets companies with more than 1,000 users. A quick note on Salesforce: it offers content management functionality within its Sales Cloud product. Next steps If you're ready to purchase sales content management software but aren't sure which solution is best for your business, then check out our App Finder. There you can filter by business size, location, price, type of company, and devices supported. If there is any software you'd like to recommend, or if you've got any questions, let us know in the comments below or by emailing me at

A Checklist to Find Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Software

By Lauren Maffeo, 13 May 2017

If you've ever run a members-based organization, you know that it's not the world's easiest work. Collecting members' dues, managing new members, and renewing memberships are all tedious tasks. However, they're also a must to keep your organization up and running. Luckily, you don't have to suffer in silence. Recurring billing and subscription management software automates the most mundane membership work. And that gives you more time back for the fun stuff. (more…)

4 Tools for startups to help through the rapid growth phase

By Pratik Dholakiya, 12 May 2017

We're lucky enough to live in a time with endless amounts of tools at our fingertips – all specifically designed to set businesses up for success. As tough and stressful as the startup stage can be, rapid growth is a whole different level of chaos. For younger entrepreneurs, there will almost always be a number of growing pains present during this time. In terms of communication or overall organization, many companies these days are investing in apps to ensure their time is put to good use. Let's talk about four tools for startups that are doing great things for businesses of all industries. Time Management: Rescue Time Every business owner wants each minute to go to good use. But, in the turbulent nature of the rapid growth stage, it can often times seem like workers are being pulled in too many directions at once. Generally speaking, when you try to do everything, you accomplish nothing. Before you know it, an entire day has passed and seems like nothing got done. It's inevitable that a business will discover certain roadblocks and bottlenecks during rapid growth. Each of these hiccups will result in lost time. When things start to get frantic, it's recommended to schedule time blocks to work on certain tasks exclusively. For instance, I have found it beneficial to divide my days into 25 minute periods. I take the first block or two of the day to focus solely on emails. Then, while I'm at peak productivity level, I use those blocks for my most important daily responsibilities. The trick is figuring out exactly what an average day is like and how tasks should be divided. This is what makes Rescue Time such a valuable app. Over the course of a day, this program will track everything you do on a detailed report so you can see where the bulk of your time is spent. While this app primarily tracks your online activity, there is also a function where you can log occurrences like meetings, calls, commute, and breaks. With these insights, you can learn how your time blocks should be set up and eliminate causes of distraction along the way. In terms of establishing your ideal schedule, you can set reminders of when it's time to transition to the next task. This tool is absolutely essential for businesses in the rapid growth stage as workers can learn how to put every minute to efficient use early on. Internal Communication: HipChat Almost every business owner will tell you that internal communication is one of the most important ingredients to an efficient company. Employees are often times flooded with more emails than they can handle. While email is necessary for external correspondence, it is not the most optimal tool to use between employees. Free flow of communication is essential for startups and emails can ruin it all. If your inbox doesn't break, your patience will. Investing in a tool specifically for this purpose is a wise move during rapid growth as your staff begins to grow. Enter HipChat. This collaboration tool is beyond user-friendly and offers a full-featured one-to-one instant messaging system as well as group chat. For team communications, an efficient tool like HipChat allows you to “chat" with your team and give email a break. Thanks to audio and video chat, as well as screen-sharing options available within HipChat, there's really no need to trot all the way to a team member's cubicle – unless you really want to. As more and more companies are letting employees work remotely, nailing down a fool-proof communication system is a requirement. Messaging apps are a life saver for quick interactions with coworkers. Don't waste any more time in transitioning internal correspondence to an instant messaging service. Project management: Workzone Rapid growth is going to be a time in which task requirements are kicked into high gear. The “sink or swim" mentality will be more prevalent than ever. There is an uncanny amount of business failures that can be traced back to poor project management. In fact, a recent study by PMI found that for every $1 billion invested in the United States, $122 million is wasted due to poor project performance. To avoid contributing to this intimidating statistic, companies MUST invest in a good resource early in the game. This way, once the chaos of rapid growth ensues, you are equipped with a good system to manage tasks accordingly. Workzone is a tried-and-true project management software that goes beyond the simplistic features of Basecamp and Trello, but is not as complicated or “enterprise-heavy" as Microsoft Project or JIRA. Big names like Adidas, Bose, and Wells Fargo use Workzone for everyday operations as well as managing campaigns. From the centralized dashboard, you will have a full view of every project in the works supplemented with progress reports throughout. Regardless of whether you have a small handful of people on your team or a running a huge enterprise, Workzone is designed to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. The sooner you get on board with a good resource, the better off you will be to build an airtight organization in which nothing slips through the cracks – an issue that is all too common during rapid growth. Content marketing: Buzzsumo As your business grows, the importance of producing high-quality content will continue to assume a prominent role in your marketing mix. Promoting your messaging across all relevant channels is a requirement these days – especially social media. While it may be easy to keep tabs on branded content in the early stages, it will become much harder as your audience starts to grow. The harsh truth is this task takes up a lot of time if you are not equipped with the proper tools. As a result, a lot of business owners don't see it as an effective use of time and resources. In terms of content marketing, Buzzsumo is a resource built for inspiring content that gains traction. This tool enables you to quickly scour the web to track your brand mentions, influencers, competitors, or content pieces across entire industries. These insights are vital for learning what topics are trending in your field and how you can position your material to gain widespread attention. Buzzsumo is an extremely popular platform with present-day digital marketers, and is used by the likes of Expedia, Capital One, IBM, and more. According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional methods and can generate three times as many leads. Growing businesses are wise to hop on the bandwagon and follow the famous Bill Gates quote “Content is King." Over to you Rapid growth is one of the most exciting times in the life of an entrepreneur. While everyone involved is likely thinking big and has incredible visions for the future of the company, it's important to stay focused on the day-to-day aspects of the operation. Remember, business success starts on the inside and works its way out. Owners 20-30 years ago could only dream about the tools we have at our disposal today. Use these four to get started on crafting a strategy that will navigate you through rapid growth and into the promised land. About the author Pratik Dholakiya is the Co-Founder of E2M, a full service digital marketing agency and PRmention, a digital PR agency. He regularly speaks at various conferences about SEO, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Entrepreneurship and Digital PR. Pratik has spoken at NextBigWhat's UnPluggd, IIT-Bombay, SMX Israel, and other major events across Asia. As a passionate marketer, he shares his thoughts and knowledge on publications like Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, The Next Web and the Huffington Post to name a few. He has been named one of the top content marketing influencers by Onalytica three years in a row. Find more great tools for startups GetApp's directory of business software can help you find the right tools for startups. Check out the following links to see lists of software specifically designed for smaller businesses. Productivity software for startups Collaboration software for startups Project management software for startups Content marketing software for startups

Make the right call: A call tracking software checklist

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